We help fast-growth mid-market ceos and their executive teams keep people problems from being profit problems, hit revenue targets and achieve their strategic goals up to 25% faster.

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The Successful Company's Conundrum

Are you writing checks your team cannot cash?

What If....

You were presented with a huge opportunity to expand your services or products?

What If....

You were facing a threat by your biggest competitor or a disruption in the marketplace?

What If....

Your team doesn't have the skills to execute your growth strategy?

Imagine You Could....

Build a Culture of Ownership and cultivate the critical problem-solving and decision-making skills in your existing team to easily and readily face these challenges - because it's not a matter of IF, but WHEN. Will you and your organization be ready?

Where is Your Ownership Gap? 

If you answer "no" or "not exactly" to any of the questions below, 
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A top-down and bottom-up approach.

Does your leadership communicate and support 100% alignment of a clear vision, compelling purpose, and expression of core values?


Clear and repeatable processes, systems and practices.

Does every employee have clear, teachable and efficient processes to follow to ensure their work gets done with ease?


Capabilities, characteristics, and strengths.

Do you have successful strategies to attract, recruit, hire, onboard, retain and develop great talent and ensure a perfect fit with each employee with the culture, and  their roles and responsibilities?


Curiosity, Caring, & Courage

Do you have strategies to communicate organizational goals and ensure conversations between managers and employees inspire, engage and mobilize people to use their strengths to learn, grow, and do their best work, take ownership and achieve organizational goals?

Our Measurable Impact



Our senior executive and C-suite clients report up to a 100% increase in time spent thinking strategically vs. operationally and the ability to take strategic action that gets measurable results within 6 months (or less).



Even our gateway programs and one-day workshops deliver superior results - up to a 40% increase in awareness and improvement in skills necessary for communicating clearly and effectively, resolving conflict, solving problems, making good decisions, managing their time and energy, increasing productivity and taking ownership by using the strategies and tools taught, even years later.

What Our Clients Have to Say...

Christina is adept at identifying an underlying strategic problem, creating a workable solution and supporting the follow-through to make it a reality.

- John P.

         Senior Director

         Internal Revenue Service

I have been a client of Christina’s for the past few years. Christina’s programs have been some of our most memorable learning experiences. Our team of veterinarians and paraprofessional management are using her teachings still to this day. She definitely brings a practical and innovative approach to learning!”

- Jill Clark

Former DVM VP, Recruiting & Professional Relations, VCA Animal Hospitals

Christina is excellent. She worked with me in my role as CEO of my last startup, and our diverse group of engineers with different ages, cultures and values. We become the best team in our niche of the industry, which was sold to Google 18 months ago largely as a result of our work together. Leadership matters, and Christina knows how to make it work across very diverse teams with any type of mission.”

─ Jens Owen

     Serial Entrepreneur,
    Co-Founder, LunarG

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