Build Your Leadership Coaching skills

The skill of effectively coaching employees is essential to a leader’s ability to help people develop to their fullest potential and motivate them to contribute at their highest level

Virtual, on-site or hybrid leadership coaching skills training workshop

Leading with emotional Intelligence

Length & Format: 

Half-day to four 1-hour sessions over several weeks; Online, on-site or hybrid

Class Size: 

Up to 50 participants (onsite), up to 25 participants online or hybrid


“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.”   ― Sheryl Sandberg

Leadership Coaching Skills: Effectively coaching employees is essential to a leader’s ability to help people develop to their fullest potential and motivate them to contribute at their highest level. Great coaches cultivate mindfulness and understand the importance of meeting the individual where they are when in a coaching relationship. This means being aware of individual nuances including unique approach to "Getting Things Done," personality styles, personal perspectives, intentions and career/personal goals and expectations.

A practical, interactive workshop designed to give leaders hands-on experience using coaching techniques in their work.  Leaders will learn and practice how to get into the coaching mindset and will be introduced to a toolkit of techniques for building a strong coaching relationship and engaging in effective dialogue. Leaders will understand the foundation of effective coaching and why they matter, as well as learn to master coaching conversations using a five-step coaching model.

Who Should Attend: 

Virtual or Hybrid Team Members, New Managers or Leaders, Seasoned Senior Leaders and Executives

Workshop Sections

In Building Your Leadership Coaching Skills, leaders will use a Team Coaching Assessment Grid to assess the strengths and opportunities of their team and determine what coaching conversations should be taking place with each team member.

  • Understand what it means to be an impactful coach.
  • Identify three key foundations of effective coaching.
  • Explore personal perspectives around coaching.
  • Learn how to build a strong coaching relationship.

  • Practice and apply several coaching dialogue tools.
  • Learn how to master the coaching conversation.
  • Build your Coach Action Plan.

In between sessions, teams will apply what they have learned to build agreements and processes that keep the team informed, engaged and establish new levels of trust and connection.

At the Center for Sustainable Strategies (CFSS) our passion is creating a culture of ownership by building engaged, emotionally intelligent leaders and truly cohesive teams. We believe in the radical idea that you and your team should love the heck out of what you do at work.  Rely on us to be your trusted partner to bring fresh insights, strategic thinking and no BS, applicable advice to help you build a thriving, agile workplace and happy, healthy employees.

  • We Build Cohesive Teams by instilling trust, supporting productive conflict, gaining commitment, fostering accountability and achieving collective results.
  • We Develop Connected Leaders who are authentic, agile, collaborative, curious, emotionally intelligent and both excellent communicators and deep listeners.
  • We Align Executives by creating an environment of trust, ownership, accelerated decision-making, accurate problem-solving and high performance. 
  • We Make Data-Driven Decisions through assessments, surveys and validation. Do can do a pulse check or full diagnostic of your organization, and have the right strategies on-hand to respond to the results.

Our workshop pricing is determined by the value and results the program delivers, length of program, the level of on-boarding needed, and customization required.

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