"It’s in relationships we learn and grow, and in the briefest conversations we have where we can make
the biggest impact on others."

- Christina Haxton

You can do it.
We can help.

Thriving in a complex and changing market doesn't have to be 100% your responsibility and you don't have to do it alone.

The Center for Sustainable Strategies offers The Ownership Advantage: Deep experience, customized solutions and practical methodologies to help you build a culture where 100% of your employees take 100% ownership 100% of the time so that you can create a purpose-driven, profitable company that runs without you.

The Ownership Advantage begins with you.

Speaking Topics

STOP the COP-OUT Syndrome:
 4 Keys to Build a Culture of Ownership In Your Organization

Developing Your Millennials to Think Like Owners (Without Tearing Your Hair Out)

Professional Intimacy
(It’s NOT What You Think):

3 Steps to communicate so you can engage and mobilize your team/employees/people 

MEET Christina Haxton

Chief Potential Officer, CEO & Founder of the Center for Sustainable Strategies

With more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, a licensed marriage & family therapist working with business partners, a business strategy and leadership adviser, I assist CEOs, and Business Owners of successful and growing companies to build a strong, purpose-driven organization, achieve sustainable growth & avoid burnout.

In 2016, Sustainable Leadership, Inc. expanded to The Center for Sustainable Strategies and provides customized solutions for assessing and designing coaching, consulting and training programs for sustainable business growth, executive and leadership development for CEOs, business owners and executive directors and board development of nonprofit organizations.  We specialize in working with leaders in technology, biotechnology and healthcare organizations.

Christina Haxton is a nationally recognized author, speaker and thought leader on the topic of the communication and interpersonal skills behind long term leadership effectiveness. An executive coach, leadership program facilitator and the founder of Sustainable Leadership™ an executive coaching and leadership development company established in 2009 serves local clients in the Greater Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado area.

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4.8 out of 5 with 100% approval rating

 “With so much focus today on employee engagement and employee performance, it’s rare to find an expert who brings a new way of looking at things or a truly fresh approach. Yet that is exactly what Christina does — and she does it brilliantly. Her stories are instantly relatable, and her insights and strategies are immediately relevant. And it’s why I highly recommend her to any organization that is looking to bring tangible, brass tacks strategies to its event, big or small.”   – Angelique Rewers, CEO, The Corporate Agent

“If you want a speaker that talks about people performance, there are hundreds to choose from. But if you want your audience to see employee challenges through a new lens, discover a critical missing link, and walk out with pragmatic, actionable strategies that will create positive change in their organizations for years to come, then Christina Haxton is your simple choice. Not only does she immediately connect with the audience from the stage, but she provokes innovative thinking and inspires action.” – Phil Dyer, EVP, The Corporate Agent

“Christina stepped in at the last moment on a high-visibility project and assumed a complex role of trainer/facilitator/curriculum designer & keynote. The presentations went smoothly and the customer was amazed that we were able to pull this event off seamlessly. Christina was also one of the experts presenting at the most recent Thought Leadership Executive Think Tank on Veteran's issues, STEM, Transition & Inclusion. Her insights were exceptional and the target audience senior Execs/SESer & O-6 and O-7s from the Pentagon. THANK YOU, Christina!” – Skip Pettit Chief Learning Officer/Director Training, Thought Leadership Conferences & President, International Training Consortium, Inc.

“Several people commented on how much they learned from this experience and the group was unanimous that it was a highlight of the week ... Five or six different people approached us after graduation and said this week was one of the most significant leadership training courses of their careers. Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort, it really paid off!” – John S. Lybarger, PhD, MBA, Lybarger & Associates Inc. (former) Visiting Program Director OPM/WMDC

“Christina is adept at identifying an underlying problem, which is showing as symptoms of team discourse, dis-ease and overall dissatisfaction, creating a workable leadership solution and supporting the follow through to make it a reality.  – John P., Sr. Director, Internal Revenue Service 

“Christina has hosted 4 educational webinars for HR.com. Starting back in October of 2012, Christina has presented for our Leadership Institute, our Performance Management Institute and twice for our Talent Management Institute. Each and every time Christina presents the attendees’ reaction was overwhelming. Their comments included: “Fantastic Webinar! One of the Best I have ever attended!” “Great Job!” “Outstanding!” “Loved, loved, loved this webinar!” “Very good presenter and lots of helpful information about stress! 

"Anyone who has done a virtual webinar knows how difficult it is to keep an audience interested and engaged. Christina is very bright, engaging and is thoroughly knowledgeable on many topics! 

"I would recommend Christina to any corporation that wants to help their executives learn how to better manage their “power stress” so that they feel motivated and in turn ensure that their team is fired up and headed in the right direction.”  – Julie Ogilvie, IHR Facilitator, HR.com 

"Christina is an excellent executive coach. She worked with me in my role as CEO of my last startup, which was sold to Google 18 months ago. The area we focused on the most was leadership, specifically discovering and establishing our teams purpose. I found a strong common purpose to be motivating across a diverse group of engineers with different ages, cultures and values; but hadn’t been able to build this for the team I had at the time. Christina coached me and lead a team offsite where we were able to unearth our sense of purpose across the team and go on to becoming the best team in our niche of the industry. Leadership matters, and Christina knows how to make it work acros very diverse teams with any type of mission.

"As a result of the coaching I received from Christina I have been able to step into a new role as the Director of a small affordable housing organization. This change in career (from staff planner at the City) was facilitated by the coaching I received from Christina and the confidence that came from our sessions.

"The most beneficial aspect of Christina\'s coaching is her ability to help the individual find the solutions they need from within. This establishes the confidence needed to be an authentic leader. A leader that knows themselves and how to use their strengths and weaknesses to motive others and get the best out of their team.” – Executive Coaching Client, former COO of a multi-million dollar retail company, recovered from burn-out and started a second company that aligned with his purpose, values and goals to “get back in the game.”

"With Christina's urging I began to reestablish connections in the real estate industry. We would meet briefly each week, and she would ask for concrete, measurable results. She held me accountable for carrying out the plans we came up with in the coaching sessions. It was slow going at first--but things started to come together--and my progress picked up. I began to see possibilities and opportunities beyond what I’d seen before, began to get excited about my goals. I spotted several. With Christina's coaching I figured ways to finance property acquisition--and later on came up with a strategy to find a financial partner to not only purchase the property but to take the property through the entitlement process and finally to build 155 apartments in Lakewood. Christina pushed me every step of the way. It was not always comfortable, but it was effective.

"Christina really seemed to care about me as a person, as well as my career. She helped me understand how important family is to me, and how to keep some balance in my life as I got super busy again. She helped me understand how to create a business that was/is value driven--to do the right thing, be sustainable, and improve our constituent’s lives. She helped me remember the great teams I had created in the past--and how much fun it is to lead a strong team!

"In a few short coaching sessions Christina has given me the tools to quickly increase my leadership effectiveness with my team. These tools offer the maturity and focus that she models for powerful pivotal conversations. Christina offers simple disciplines to build that capacity." – Puja Parsons, CEO, Growing Spaces, Inc.

"I want to thank you for delivering a spot on presentation to our leadership group. I appreciate the time you took with us early in the process to discuss the presentation and brainstorm various approaches and key points. You listened! The final product was not only highly appropriate and applicable for the group on that day, but also very memorable and is still being used today. Our team has grown very comfortable with you, and having you join us for the group activities on the various days, really made the seminars you presented much more interactive. 

"Your program is highly unique, and I would recommend it to any company that is looking for strong team building activities that also can nicely fold into other soft skills and leadership training. Thank you for your help and support. We look forward to working with you again in the near future.” – Jill Peale, DVM, VCA Animal Hospitals, Director of Professional Development & Special Projects, NW Region

“Christina – Just a quick note to say thank you again so much for working with me on such short notice. Your presentation on “Purpose” fit perfectly with our firm’s mission and cultural truths, and was an excellent kick-off to our internal training program. Your delivery was energetic, refreshing and very well received by our entire staff. You did an incredible job engaging your audience and creating a safe environment for people to share their thoughts. It was truly a pleasure working with you.” – Heidi Kunsman, Principal & Director of Marketing, Ricca Design Studios

“Planning an event with Christina Haxton as my key speaker was effortless. She was a professional in every aspect: timely with responses, thorough with her presentation brainstorming and speaker agreement and delivered what she promised. She followed up with us regarding satisfaction and continually sought feedback for improvement. I enjoyed working with her!” – Rachael Lau, Senior veterinary student, Colorado State University/Sponsored by Zoetis

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